The Signature Lauren Conrad Style

August 3rd, 2012

If you Google Lauren Conrad you will find several pictures of her with her signature hairstyle. Lots of celebs have a signature style that they are known for and look good while sporting them. LC’s style is so fitting for who she is and where she came from. As a California girl who starred in Laguna Beach and later in The Hills, she always wore her hair straight but added a little boho look to it by twisting to pieces of hair behind her ears and pinned it in the back. It worked so well for her and is a pretty easy style for anyone to wear. But just because this style is easy and cute, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good for your hair.

My favorite part about Lauren’s signature style is that it’s so easy and not harsh on your hair. You can wear this style without even straightening. It looks great straightened but it looks fun with a little bounce in it. What I mean is basically you should wake up with your wavy locks, do a quick brush-through, and pull the bangs back into the twist. The brush-through will soften any tight, messy curls and maybe even tame a little frizz. A little trick that could work is to spray your brush lightly with hairspray and then run it through your hair to secure a hold against extreme frizz.

If you decide to use your hair straightener with LC’s signature style, be sure to use your heat protectant spray but have a little fun with it too. Either make a nice and tidy pin-straight look to it or you could play it up a little with some kind of wave in the ends too. Try curling the ends under or even flipping them out. That’s another one of the best parts about this style-there are so many ways you can change it up and make it your own style. Add a bow, throw some curl in , use sparkly bobby pins to get a glamorous look. The possibilities are endless with this LC-inspired style.

Another great thing about this hairstyle is that it could take thirty seconds if you wanted it to. By simply pulling your bangs around into that boho twist without doing much else to the body of your hair, it kind of looks natural and even more vintage than it would any other way. Plus that saves so much time for you to play with your look via makeup! You seriously can’t go wrong with Lauren’s style and everyone will compliment your new style.

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