The Problem With Cutting At Home

July 11th, 2012

There are people who prefer to save money by cutting their own hair (maybe you’re one of them). It’s a great idea and can be even more beneficial for you if you like your hair to be just perfect and how you imagine. However, there are also people out there who would disagree with you and think cutting at home is a bad idea and could damage your hair. I, myself would say am one of those that would disagree; I think it’s a bit harmful to try and cut your own hair at home if you don’t have the proper training. My opinion is that there are people who get paid to cut hair so let’s let them do their job.

Our economy is very screwy right now as everyone knows. Obviously we’re all looking for ways to save, save, save! Any way we can we’ll do anything to save a little cash but when it comes to our hair, a little problem shines through. So many people think “it can’t be that hard to cut my own hair. As long as I have a pair of quality shears I’ll be fine.” That’s so wrong though and no one should ever try and cut their own hair unless they know exactly what they’re doing or have been properly trained to do so.

Even my hairdresser doesn’t cut her own hair because it’s too risky for her. Her talent is cutting other people’s hair, not her own. So she has a friend who is also a stylist cut her hair and it looks great. We may want to save money by doing haircuts at home but unless you want to spend even more money for someone to fix the mess you create when you attempt at cutting your hair, you should stick to your own day job.

For men’s hair it isn’t as hard as long as you use the right tools and are precise with the length all the way around the head. However, women’s hair definitely needs lots of attention and should only be handled in the hands of a professional stylist. Hair scissors are one of the trickiest tools to deal with, even if you do know what you’re doing. It can be hard to keep a precise measurement of the length of hair to cut off and how to get it all even so keep in mind the cost of a trim compared to the cost of a hairdresser fixing your entire head of hair after you mess up.

Hairdressing doesn’t have to be a pain and there are places in today’s industry that can give a quality haircut for a good price too. Make smart decisions when you cut your hair though so you don’t mess up the ends and have to get your hair shaved off in the end. Let’s leave it up to the professionals here people.

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