Should You Cut Your Baby’s Hair?

July 2nd, 2012

When babies are little should we worry about a haircut for them? It can be very hard to tell sometimes because a baby’s hair is so fragile. Some mothers don’t think much of it and cut their child’s hair as soon as they get a certain age. Others don’t worry about cutting their child’s hair because their hair may not have as much hair as other kids/babies. But when is the average or appropriate time to cut a child’s hair for the first time?

It all depends on what your baby’s hair looks like. Some kids have to be careful about their first haircut because they may not have enough hair to get a cut. For example, I once knew a little girl who couldn’t get her first haircut until she was about two years old. She always had the baldest head I had ever seen for a baby. It seems like she’s still a little baby for getting a haircut that young but it’s not very typical to get a first haircut at that age. To this day, she still has extremely thin hair, which is probably a genetic trait she inherited from her mom.

On the other hand, a family member of mine had her first haircut when she was only nine months old. She was born with a head full of dark hair and always had some parts sticking up at the top of her head. This girl definitely inherited her hair from her mother. It was evident when you saw her mothers, thick dark hair. Although all babies have extremely thin hair until they hit their toddler years, there are babies who you can tell will have thicker hair when they get older.

I should probably calm your nerves a little in case you’re nervous about giving your baby a haircut. A baby’s first haircut doesn’t mean they’re going to get layers and bangs and get everything shaped into a great cut. This typically means they’re just going to get their ends tidied up. Some kids have little pieces of hair by their ears or necks that like to wing out. Areas like that need trims or even the spot on top of the head where their hair might stick up a bit. So get your hair shears ready for your baby, but make sure you only need to.

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