Nails Compared To Hair

June 15th, 2012

Which is more dangerous to mess with: your nails or your hair? There are ways to modify both but they may be just as fragile as one another. Just because you use heat on your hair doesn’t mean it’s more damaging than the things you can do to your nails. The effect of nails compared to the effect of hair can almost be so similar that it may even scare you to get your nails done.

Some may think this is such a weird topic to blog about but it may just need to be put out there. If you’ve ever gotten acrylic nails put on, you know how damaging they can be on your natural nail and cuticle. Each time you get those nails “filled” or re-fixed, the nail peels and deteriorates layer by layer. This treatment on your artificial nails cuts off circulation to your natural nail underneath. The longer you leave the acrylics on, the more damage done to your real nails and when you finally take them off, you notice that your natural nail won’t be the same. The texture is rough, the look is dull and dusty, and they are very thin and fragile. The smallest movement could bend your real nail and break it instantly.

A similar process happens when you straighten your hair with a hair straightener. The very first time you straighten it as a teen or young girl, you notice how beautiful and refreshed. However, the more and more you do it, the less moisture your hair retains. Just like the acrylic nail cutting off circulation to the natural one, your straightener cuts off any kind of air supply to your natural hair cuticle and makes your hair deteriorate just like that natural nail. Even with the help of a heat protectant spray, your hair can slowly loose life and become dull and dry.

The next time you straighten your hair- whether it be everyday or once a week- think about the things that comparison between a nail and a hair cuticle. Not many would think about it, but these two parts of the body are a lot more similar than you’d think. Put it into perspective and you may change your mind about the way you style your hair each day.

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