How To Style When You Exercise

June 6th, 2012

When I  go to the gym, I want to work the hardest and still look the cutest. We should all admit that we’ve thought about that at least once. We wanna look sweaty and still have the best outfit and most quirky hairstyle. There are some girls who can work out and still look cute when they’re done sweating their butt off. What do I think of those girls? I hate them for looking so good.

Making yourself look cute when you work out is actually a great motivator for weight loss. There are a few helpful tips to help you look great as you’re running, lifting or just plain sweating your butt off at the local fitness center.

I’ll start with the number one cute hairstyle that will look fun but won’t fall out by the time you’re done. One of my favorite styles for hitting the gym is the messy bun because it requires no use of a straightener or styling products. You might hear the word bun and right away back down from even trying it but keep reading. Some ladies find buns to be floppy and think that they fall out of their hold within ten minutes of their workout. However, the trick is to use two ponytail holders; one for the first bun you make and one for the straggler hair that falls out of the bun. You may even want to use a few bobby pins to keep some pieces held together in the bun and also to hold your bangs out of your face. You can even pull a few thin strands out or leave your bangs out (if they don’t bother you) to create a more flirty look.

Another way to look cute while working out is to drink plenty of water. It helps keep your body from overheating. When your body over heats, you tend to sweat a lot more and your skin turns red. Some people even get so bad that they get blotchy in some spots and can even break out in itchy hives because the sweat irritates their sensitive skin. So if you have sensitive skin, see how much trouble you could prevent for yourself if you drank lots of water and kept yourself properly hydrated.

The next time you go to the gym, don’t just kick butt-kick butt in style! It is possible to look cute and still work off a ton of calories. Keeping your body healthy is as easy as pie and now it can be fun too!

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