Hair Review: Curly Hair

June 17th, 2012

Every woman in the world has a different type of hair. Not even two twin sisters have the exact same hair down to the root. Some women have curly, frizzy hair while others have pin-straight hair that doesn’t contain any kind of body at all. And then there’s all those types in between. Those with curly hair always wish they had straight hair and those with straight hair wish for curly hair. I’m one of those with pin-straight hair and it’s really hair to get much curl out of it whether it’s freshly washed or if I’ve just come out of the beachy water. However, if we were to talk about curly hair, I’m sure you’d understand why lots of women want straight hair.

Curly hair can be genetically inherited or it can be forced upon hair. When babies are born with curly hair, others say how cute their hair is with the tiny little spirals. However, as these babies grow older, the curls can become a pain. Some people decide to use their hair straightener to get rid of those curls.

Curly hair can be fun or it can be a pain; somedays are better than the others. As a straight-haired girl, I have always wished to have curly hair so I could do fun styles. I love the beachy waves look and the ability to wake up and let my hair be bouncy and curly. But the truth is, girls with curly hair may not always love their hair.

There are some good and bad things about curly hair. If you don’t like your hair curly, it could be because it carries a lot of frizz with it. Frizz can be very hard to tame as it is but when you add curl to the frizz, it’s almost impossible. You also may not like having to deal with curly hair because of the amount of time it takes to style it. For example, when you try to straighten it, it may not take a quick five minutes. Some women say their curly waves take about an hour to straighten because of the thick curls that can be stubborn.

On the other hand, curly hair can be awesome because you can always change up your styles. With straight hair, it can be difficult to make hair curly without specifically using a curling iron. Curly hair allows you to wake up, scrunch your hair and grow. There are many ways to style curly hair: spunky ponytail, down and beachy, wavy side pony, etc.

Whether you love or hate your curly hair, you can’t do much about it unless you get it permanently straighten. If you think of the positive side , you know that curly hair is a great asset to have and it can enhance your unique personality. Embrace your curls today ladies because they’re beautiful!

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