Celebrity Hair Review: Lady Gaga

June 23rd, 2012

The phenomenal Lady Gaga began her career as a brunette on the television show Punk’d. Many people never made the connection that she was on TV before she was truly a celebrity in the music department. Once she did become a hit with the music scene, she became a platinum blonde. As she grew, she changed her look and developed a more Hollywood look.

Seeing her perform on stage, you may think she looks much different than she does in her music videos. Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous wardrobe and even crazier hairstyles. She brought the signature “bow in the hair” trend. It may be fake or her own hair but the one and only Lady Gaga began a trend recently by tying a bow in her hair. The unique thing is, the bow is actually made out of actual hair. Lots of girls have this trend down and like to sport it.

Lady Gaga’s platinum blonde hair gives her a chic look and keeps her wild side to somewhat of a tame style. I personally love her hairstyles because she keeps them clean cut, even if it is a wig. Her hair never has a strand out of place and you can tell she uses precise hair scissors to keep everything in tip-top shape.

The hairstyle I always picture of Lady Gaga’s is in the music video for her hit song called Pokerface. Although the hair is long in the video, it’s very shiny and all of the edges are cut in a perfect trim. Many hairstylists that aren’t in Hollywood are probably wondering what kind of shears she uses and how she gets her hair to be so perfect.

I think that this woman is a star that will never fade. She always surprises everyone with her wack-o hairstyles and fashion senses. I admire her ability to stand out from the crowd and the bravery she has to do so. Her hairstyles are inspiring and set trends for girls all over the world. The great Lady Gaga is very versatile and will never be forgotten.

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