Weird Findings In A Straightener

May 30th, 2012

Sometimes people straighten their hair every single day and have no worries about hair damage. Some people are the complete opposite and carefully monitor their hair damage each day. They care very much about the look and health of their hair. There are some signs that it’s time for a new hair straightener and some are more obvious than others. Here are a few odd things you may find as you straighten your hair, which may indicate that it’s time for a new straightener.

When you cut your hair you would think it would need a trim just to get rid of some uneven ends. But some women actually have to cut several inches off of their hair because they straighten it too much that it gets fried. The hair begins to loose moisture and just ends up going dry and frizzy from the over exposure of heat. Watch for the fuzzy, tangly texture in your hair to know whether you should get a fresh cut. You should always be careful when straightening your hair but if you do end up frying a certain part of your hair, you know it’s time to get a haircut and then a new straightener.

Another sign of a worn out straightener is the smell that you may sense after so long. When a straightener has gone bad, it tends to smell a lot like fish. This is because it has been used too often and comes in contact with hair at very high temperatures. After so long your hair will begin to deteriorate and doesn’t have much hold against the strong amount of heat. The straightener’s plates running through the hair over and over will eventually create a bad smell that you won’t be able to bear.

Even if you may be able to make your hair look stunning each day with your straightener, it isn’t worth the trouble you ┬áhave to put your hair through. Making your hair smell and feel like a mess isn’t exactly what you think of when you think of great hair. Keep your hair healthy by looking for these two key signs when you straighten each day. If you do get a bad texture or a rotten smell when you straighten your hair, it’s time for a new flat iron.

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