Curling Iron Damage

May 4th, 2012

When it comes to hair straighteners, it’s not so easy to protect hair from heat damage. 400 degrees coming in contact with your ends can be seriously damaging and can create dead hair. Eventually working with your hair will be easier because it will be extremely coarse and fried. This may sound like a good thing but just because it’s easier for you to style doesn’t mean it looks good. It also doesn’t mean your hair is healthy; it means it has no body and shine left to it. This is what you would call severe heat damage from your straightener. However, these results don’t only come from hair straighteners; you can also get permanent damage from a curling iron.

Repeatedly curling your hair day after day isn’t always the best choice. It is better than straightening your hair because of the temperature isn’t as high as a straightener. But the amount of time you hold the heat to your head is longer with a curling iron over a straightener. Going in depth about the amount of damage you can get, it is mainly caused by this amount of time that it is contact with the iron. The temperature of a curling iron doesn’t need to be as hot as a straightener because your hair is already forming by being wrapped around the barrel. With a straightener, on the other hand, the temperature is needed to be higher because it just runs through the hair and doesn’t spend as much time in contact with the hair.

To prevent all this damage from happening, you should obviously use some kind of a spray that protects against extreme heat damage. When you begin to curl your hair, you can also be sure to keep track of how long the barrel is in the hair. If you count it out, it would be smartest to count up to about fifteen. If you hold it in the hair for longer than ten to fifteen seconds, your hair will definitely become fried. No how matter how curly you want your hair and how long you want it to stay that way, it is not worth it to keep heat in contact with hair for too long. The damage ends up being awful and you will only regret it in the end. If you don’t want to count up to fifteen over and over, sing a verse of your favorite song. It makes your curling experience more safe and a little more fun too!

Keeping your hair healthy and still style it everyday isn’t always easy. Trying to get a great curly look turns out looking great but what if your hair doesn’t even last for more than an hour because of humidity? This is when you should think twice about the decision to curl your hair over and over each day. Keep your healthy locks safe from curling irons and straighteners by reducing the use of heat each day.

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