Take Charge Of You Hair

April 6th, 2012

“I am not having a good hair day; it won’t do anything I want it to.” This happens to every girl at least once a week or month. It may even happen to some guys, but mainly girls experience this in their daily routine. When a girl can’t get her hair to do what she wants it to, she usually ends up throwing it into a ponytail. This seems like the fast and easiest way to deal with stubborn hair, but there are actually better ways to take control. The next time you wake up with hair that stands straight up and won’t tame down the frizz, follow these few simple steps.

One of the first steps to cute hair when it’s not doing what you want is to try straightening it. Yes, you should be careful about the amount of heat you apply to it, but when these days unexpectedly happen, you need an emergency exit from bad hair day! Of course, spritz your ends with heat protection spray to begin. Let it dry and then use your hair straightener a few pieces here and there. Leaving it a little bit messy in some areas gives a unique look that will draw eyes to you throughout the day. Be sure to go through the hair with some type of straightening serum to give it a more polished look.

When straightening the hair fails, take charge of your hair by using only some gel and your fingertips. Begin creating tussles in the hair to give it a wavy and beachy look for your day. Do this by bending over so your hair is falling the the ground and your head is upside down. Typically, girls use some type of mousse on their hair when they scrunch it up. Make sure that it is slightly damp and begin at the tips of your hair, making a scrunching motion as you bring your hands to your head. This usually helps give a little bounce and messy look to your hair.

When this doesn’t work, go with a ponytail. However, do not go with any kind of boring, throw it up, kind of ponytail. Stick with cute and flirty and messy since you have already attempted it twice and are on the right track. This time, pull at the crown of your hair with a brush or comb to tease at the roots of the hair. Next, run your fingers through the hair to mess it up a bit and prep it for a flirty pony. Next bring the hair back either into a low or high ponytail and secure it with a thin elastic band. You don’t need too much security because you want it to look sloppy and loose.

A ponytail can always come to the rescue on your bad hair days. Make sure to start with the other two choices first; if one of them work you will look a little bit more tied together. It’s fun to mix and match though so even on days where you’re not having a bad hair day, try out one of these styles! They’re fun, fast, and can easily get you through a rough morning to have an amazing day.

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