Smooth Sailing On Prom Night

April 7th, 2012

It only happens once a year. It’s the biggest night in some girls’ lives. Everyone prepares for months in advance for this one night; the tanning, the nails, the shopping, the hairstyle. Everything seems to come together magically for this special night of the year. Prom night is the one event where girls (and some guys) will go completely over the top to look like a million bucks. It’s not a very cheap preparation, either. All of the elements that go into prom are important of course but one of the most important parts of the night is the hair.

All girls want to have perfect hair so they do whatever they can to get a great look. When girls get their hair done on the morning of prom, it looks absolutely perfect and like it won’t move all day. However, as the day goes on, it may get windy and the girls will get busy. This may tend to mess up the girls’ hair after so much money is spent to make it look perfect. Some girls think they can just make a later appointment for the next time, but what if it’s too late and there aren’t enough appointments for you in the afternoon? You need tips to get your hair to stay looking great all day.

First, start with a little hairspray when you get it fixed by your stylist. Use a good amount but not too much because this could cause your hair too look wet or greasy all night- you’re going for smooth. Ask your hairdresser to apply enough to make all of your flyaways stay down but not too much. The amount of hairspray can either make or break your hairstyle for the evening so use it accordingly. If hairspray doesn’t work, you still have another choice to keep things tidy for your big night.

Sometimes after girls get their hair done, it can fall flat or break loose from its pins. This is one of the worst things that can happen when preparing for prom. If you own bobby pins, use a few to keep loose pieces into place along with some at-home hairspray. One of the best ways to touch up certain spots is by using a straightener. Lots of girls will go home and straighten their bangs or hanging pieces right after getting their hair done. Especially if they don’t like the way a certain area looks, they can go back and touch it up just the way they like it.

The biggest night of the year cannot be complete without the help of a few tools. When getting it styled for prom, be sure to be precise with your hairstylist so she can make it look exactly like you want. However, if you get home and it fails on you, take a straightener and some pins and customize that style!

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