Should You Trust All Tutorials?

April 27th, 2012

YouTube is filled with videos that teach how to, shop, and style makeup and hair. They fill the internet and are out there to help women and younger girls to look their best. The helpful tips about dressing right, curling hair, and performing a smoky eye are one of the main reasons girls visit the site. However, some women have tried to watch and learn from these videos and haven’t received great results. Although they are intended to work and make you look great, they don’t always complete their goal. So should you trust these kinds of videos or are they a scam just to get more and more views and gain fame?

Let’s start with hair tutorials; they are some of the most viewed. When I watch these kinds of video tutorials, I feel like they are very helpful. Usually when I begin watching them, I don’t just watch random videos. I search for a certain style like “curling hair with straightener” or something along those lines. When I make my search specific enough, it becomes easier to find videos that will work for sure and I know I can trust. Once I find some tutorials that I think will work, I make sure to watch them all the way through and then watch more by that same person before trying it out on my hair.

You can always tell how trustworthy someone on YouTube is by their body language in their video. You can also tell by the things they say. You can’t trust someone who says “then go ahead and like put some hairspray in your hair.” Make sure their directions are specific and make sense to you. If they hesitate a lot with their words and have to correct themselves, you definitely will know that they don’t know what they’re talking about. This is when you know to change it up and try someone else.

Makeup and shopping tutorials follow the exact same rules. If you feel like the person teaching you is stumbling on what they’re preaching, it’s time to move on. You will be also be able to tell by the way they give direction with their facial expressions. If they don’t look at the camera as they talk or if they look around a lot, they’re probably racking their brain for what to say next. You may finally be able to find that right video for your liking but don’t settle for the first thing you find; do some research and looking around on YouTube. If you do settle, you could seriously damage your hair or skin (makeup tutorial) just because you chose the wrong video.

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