History Of Hair Scissors

April 5th, 2012

It has been said that scissors originated in Ancient Egypt in the year 1500 B.C. The technical definition of this word is “a hand-operating instrument that consists of two blades. This pair of blades have sharpened edges that slide against one another the handles open and close.” The first known pair of scissors was noted to be found in Mesopotamia over 3,000 years ago. Of course the look of these handy tools have changed since then but they still have the same function. Not only has the look changed, but there have also been new uses that have developed for these tools. Now certain types of scissors have been invented to be able to be used on paper, cardboard, wire, and hair.

Hair scissors are some of the most important items in the beauty industry today. There are many different types of them available to do many different types of functions for clients all around the world. Back in B.C. times, no one would have thought that scissors could be used to cut hair. They probably thought that hair could only be cut by knives or other similar sharp objects.

There haven’t been any recorded first uses of hair scissors. You can bet that the first person to use hair scissors was extremely nervous, though. Think about the very first time you had used something that no one else had ever had experience with. This is a difficult task to perform unless you have the proper training. Since they were probably hard to learn about at first, people probably had  a difficult time training themselves and others how to use these tools. Once they became more popular and approved for good use, it became easier to get your hands on a pair of them.

Although there are a few challenges of these new tools, stylists must be extremely thankful for them. Without any kind of sharp shears, haircuts would be nearly impossible. There is no other kind of tool that can perform the same job as a pair of hair scissors. It has two blades that pivot to come together and then separate when the handles are worked correctly. Some might say that hairdressers can use a simple pair of office or kitchen scissors. This is where they’re wrong, however. Office scissors are manufactured specifically for paper. When these kinds of scissors are used on anything other than paper, they can become out of line and may never work the same again.

The history of scissors go way back to B.C. times and have been known to cut many kinds of things. The functions of these tools are incredible but must be treated with care. As long as users are careful with their scissors, they can successfully perform greatly.

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