Good Hair From The Beginning

April 5th, 2012

In order to have healthy hair, you have to learn how to take care of it from the beginning. Babies obviously have some of the most healthy hair in the world because they are brand new to the world and have not exposed their hair to heat yet. Heat is the number one damage causer in the world. Women across the country use straighteners and curling irons and other sources of heat each day, only to find that their hair dwindles down to nothing after so many uses of heat. Mothers across the world need to know what is actually good and bad for hair so they can take care of their babies’ hair the right way from the beginning.

Some mothers mistakenly do the wrong things with their babies’ hair and that’s where all the damage begins. Newborns are so tiny and don’t know enough human traits so they can’t do much besides eat, sleep, and dirty their diapers. Therefore, you know they can’t go out and play in the mud when they’re so small. Babies don’t do much to get dirty unless they have an extremely messy diaper. As far as their hair goes, they don’t get sweaty or dirty like most people so they don’t need to bathe everyday at all.

This is the number one mistake in mothers and their babies’ hair. These tiny infants haven’t quite developed strong follicles in their hair yet so there’s not much that can get clogged to make their greasy. They also don’t have long enough hair to get tangles like older toddlers do. Over washing of a baby’s hair is very typical because lots of mothers think their baby needs to have consistently clean hair. What they don’t realize, however, is that their baby already does have clean hair and they don’t need a wash everyday.┬áNewborns don’t necessarily need baths as often as six-month-olds. The amount of showers needed will vary as they get older. A newborn baby can get a bath every two to three days just to clear off germs that have accumulated over time. You don’t want to bathe them everyday because it can also dry their skin out.

Healthy hair also doesn’t also just occur with baths for babies, haircuts also need to come in tact. A child’s first haircut depends on the length and grow rate of their hair. For example, some children turn one with hair that is longer than chin length but very thin. They may be ready for a haircut but be sure to go to a stylist that you really trust; going to a stylist that hasn’t had much experience with infants is a bad idea. This is because small children have extremely thin hair and it must be cut with precautions.

Also, wait as long as you can to begin applying heat to their hair. Some moms will begin straightening their daughters’ hair when they are as young as four years old. A child’s hair still isn’t developed enough to apply heat to it yet. Kids’ hair won’t be ready to be straightened or curled until the hair has enough body to it and isn’t as thick anymore. Usually the hair is fully developed after age six or seven.

These few tips will help you mothers out there treat your baby’s hair with proper care each day. Until they are old enough for hair straighteners and hair scissors, be careful with styling his/her hair. Using the right kinds of techniques on your child’s hair will keep it healthy at an early stage. It will also teach them from the get go how to properly treat their hair.

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