After Prom Hair Care

April 23rd, 2012

The morning/day after prom is always a tiring and slow day. Everyone sleeps until the middle of the afternoon, most people take a break from chores, and everyone just all around doesn’t do anything. Most people will eventually decide to get up some point during that day and clean up. After all the sweating, hairspray, and make up that goes into that one night, it takes a little work to cleanse one self. One of the most important steps of this cleansing process is the way you take care of your hair. It can be severely damaged if you don’t wash/sanitize it right.

First off, you should begin early with the proper care before prom. The night before prom is the earliest you should shower. If you shower the same day that you get your hair done, the hair might be too clean and not as easy to work with. When the hair has a little time to gain a few of its natural oils, it’s not as easy to style. The natural oils in your hair are what make it stay in place, along with the tons of hairspray. As long as you cleanse it at the right time, you can have good hold and healthier hair in the long run.

Next comes the after math; the care following prom night. Whether you stay up extra late to shower or wake up and shower right away the next day, you need to properly take care of your hair. If you do decide to shower the night of prom right after the dance and after parties, you would be making the smartest decision. This is because you would be taking it out of its “mask” and freeing it from its hairspray and sweaty mess.

On the other hand you may decide to wait until the next day and sleep with your hair in its pins. This is bad for your hair, though. When you sleep with your hair in its updo and all of the product, you’re doing two things that are bad. First, you are hurting your head by letting pins press into your head. You’re also gaining a little too much oil in the hair other than the natural oils that it already has. It doesn’t seem so bad but when you don’t get rid of all the product, you can be hurting all of the health and body your hair already has.

Enjoy prom while you can. The night is filled with great events and great memories come out of it. But the aftermath is what can hurt. When you don’t take care of your hair the right way, you could be putting it in danger. It’s not as crucial as some damage like heat from a straightener but it is pretty important to keep your hair in its best shape. This includes the way you treat it after a long night of fun.

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