Wedding Season Preview

March 18th, 2012

So many weddings take place in the summer/beginning of fall. Guess what, that time is just right around the corner from now! The most important parts of your wedding are your dress, your flowers, the photographer and your hair. The hair may take the most time on the day of the wedding out of these few listed steps of a ceremony. Although some brides choose to keep their hair hidden under their veil, it will at least be showing at the reception. This means you need a stunning style to match the rest of your stunning look on your big day. Keep reading to find out some of the hottest trends among wedding styles today.

Brides with short hair sometimes have a bit of a difficulty finding a fun way to do their hair. They either end up attempting at letting it grow out by the time the big day comes around. Some brides on the other hand are afraid of even seeing a pair of shears before their wedding because they don’t want to risk getting a style they will hate. For those who have superstitions like this, they may like to do some tight curls. These are absolutely stunning for weddings because they look so elegant. In a white dress, it can look similar to a classy Marilyn Monroe look as long as it gets styled right.

For those with long hair, this is such a fun and special day. There are so many things to do with a bride who has long hair, no matter if it’s curly or straight. One great way to style hair is to a french twist; it’s so popular for weddings because it’s pulled back so tightly and elegantly directly below the veil. You can even add gems to the twist to add some princess sparkle to the look. If tightly pulled back behind the ears isn’t your thing, you could leave some curls down and bring back a small poof to sit at the crown of the head right in front of the veil. The excess curls streaming down will add a touch of fancy to the beautiful bride.

This is your day, you deserve to look the absolute best. These are just a few of the styles that are hip and happening in today’s bridal world. Elegant twists and tight curls are always so creative and beautiful on any bride. Don’t worry about your make up matching the hair or looking stupid; you’re a bride today and everything will tie together in the end.

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