The Result Of No Heat Protection

March 24th, 2012

In my previous blogs, I have been famous for mentioning the importance of using some kind of heat protection. After repeating myself so many times, blog after blog, I have realized that I haven’t ever mentioned any consequences. What kind of motivation can readers have from me if they have no proof of what the result will be from the use of heat protectant. After reading this blog, you will be sure to have a good idea of what your hair will look like in sixty years unless you start protecting it as soon as possible!

The look of your hair when you get older all depends on how you treat it when you’re younger. You know all those girls that straighten their hair every single day and make sure that each strand is straight as a pin? They’re the ones that should be worried for their hair’s health. The only reason girls like to straighten their hair is to impress others with their looks. Most of them have no concern for the future of their looks; they live in the moment. Now, no one ever said it was a bad thing to live in the moment but when so many girls are obsessed with their current looks and don’t think about the next 50 years, it’s a bad sign.

Here’s what happens after fifty years of improper hair care. These three words will describe your hair: stringy, straw-like, and dry. The ends become very stiff and don’t want to do much for you. This is bad because as an older woman, you have more fancy events to attend than you think. There are a lot of weddings, church events, concerts for grandkids, etc. that require a grandparent’s attendance. Today, older women style their hair short and fancy like. When you get to be that age, though, your hair will not be the same as today’s elder generation. Since we take so much time teasing and using hair straighteners, we don’t know what our hair will be like. I can almost guarantee that lots of women in our generation will have hair that can no longer even be styled because it’d be so broken and damaged.

From now on, girls should probably pay more attention to their hair and they styling they perform on it. Maybe every once in a while it’s okay to put a little bump in the crown of the hair but every single day repeatedly is the worst thing on hair. You can even tell by looking at your hair today that some of the ends are damaged and need a little TLC. Who knows, maybe we’ll all be bald because of the use of straighteners! Start paying attention to the future of your hair and care a little less about today.

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