The Damage Of A Ponytail

March 12th, 2012

Lots of female athletes pull their hair back into ponytails during their matches/games to keep it all out of their way. This helps to increase the performance in a sporting event like a track meet or basketball game. It also helps keep hair up and away from the neck so it doesn’t get sweaty and sticky. Although this has been said to help with the above things, it also can damage the hair. A band being in your hair too often has been known to cause pulling and damage to the ends of the hair.

The use of a ponytail may seem less damaging to the follicle of hair because it saves you from using heat every day. But the truth is, being pulled and tugged can be just as damaging as using a straightener or curling iron. It may not have the exact same effect as 400 degrees running through your hair daily, but there are other ways it can damage your hair.

Each time that you pull your hair back into a ponytail, the friction between the wrapping of the rubber band over and over creates tension in the hair’s ends. Normally this wouldn’t do much damage to hair, but most people who repeatedly wear their hair in an up-do each day notice more breakage in their hair. This is because the grip of the ponytail holder tends to break the ends after being pulled and tugged.

Sometimes you can reduce the damage by wearing a ponytail holder with a cloth covered rubber band. The cloth helps prevent friction that breaks the hair. On the other hand, using a ponytail holder with a rubber grip of any kind pulls too much. If you go to tighten your ponytail during the day, you’re doing more damage and pulling the hair. It’s very similar to grabbing opposite ends of a piece of hair and tugging until the strand rips in half. This is so damaging to the hair and most people don’t even know this.

Some people think that wearing hair in a ponytail is better for your hair than straightening. The truth is that it is less damaging but not by much. By getting a good mix of hairstyles, you can prevent too much damage. One day you could straighten it, the next day you could shower and let it air dry, and the next day you could wear it in a ponytail. As long as you leave some room in between using heat damage and wearing a ponytail, you can save your hair from lots of damage.

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