Spread Good Hair, Not Germs

March 16th, 2012

When you go to your hairdresser to get a cute style, do you ever wonder about their tools that they use? Questions like these always run through my mind: Where have those hair scissors been? When is the last time she cleaned that comb or is it brand new? How old is this hairbrush she’s using in my hair? Some may say I’m a freak but I think these are very valid questions. If something is being used in my hair, I need to know it’s clean and I won’t get lice from it. Some hairdressers need to learn how to properly clean their tools and even people who aren’t hairdressers can learn a thing or two.

Sanitization has become one of the most important and crucial things to be aware of in any kind of business. When hairdressers are done with each client, they need to be sure that they clean each and every part of each and every tool. To do this, some hairdressers use large jars of sterilizer. While tools like combs and hair scissors are not in use, they can be found in the jar of sterilizer because nothing can clean a product better than the process of soaking in the cleanest potion of liquids.

Not only can you soak things to get them cleaned, you can also use a sanitary spray or bleach as long as it won’t harm the tool in any way. Stylists are typically looking to clean their tools so they can get rid of dried hairspray, goo from hair serums, and flakes and germs from previous clients. One really great spray that can help remove this kind of gunk is called Wahl. This brand has many different kinds of cleaners but they all help get rid of buildup on any kind of hair tool. Just a few spritzes and you’ll notice that the crud seems to disappear like that!

Whether you want to clean one small comb or a huge pair of shears, you don’t have to go get it professionally bleached. Just grab some handy dandy sterilizer or a bottle of Wahl clipper cleaner. Along with cleaning properly, though, you must remember to dry the shears properly. It may seem weird to say that: you may not have ever thought that there was a wrong way to dry something but if you’re not careful with the drying process, you can create rust and/or excess lint on the blades that can scratch the precious silver. Be sure you immediately dry the shears with a lint-free cloth so you don’t produce dust bunnies in the future. Cleaning shears doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be done right. Be sure to use these tips the next time you clean your tools.

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