Prom Styles For Cheap

March 7th, 2012

Prom night is always the biggest night of the year for high schoolers in general. Even if some people don’t necessarily like getting all dressed up for a night, they at least enjoy one part of the night. For those that don’t enjoy the getting ready part as much as others, you can bet they’ll be looking for an easy hairstyle that’s not gonna cost them a lot of money and isn’t going to take hours to do. There are so many possibilities that girls aren’t aware of in today’s market and they don’t even require any styling with hair scissors.

Whether you have long or short hair, there are still ways to get your hair in a cute style without spending too much time and money. Let’s start with short hair: you’ll want to ask your stylist to do something with a little volume but keep it elegant. Remember, prom night is about being classy and chic, not sloppy and huge. I suggest a style like some tighter curls and then either pull your bangs back in a poof or pull some of it back into a half up-do with a sparkly barrette. Although this does look very elegant, you can even save a little money by doing some curls at your own home.

For those with long hair and not wanting to spend a fortune, ask your stylist to avoid doing an up-do. These kinds of hairstyles is very popular for prom but some girls prefer to save some money and do something simple. For those who like to keep it small on big event nights, I suggest you do a few bouncy curls and add in a braid in your bangs. This ties in some elegance yet keeps it fun and flirty for your big night. And the best part is, if you don’t want to spend too much money on your hair, you can do this style on your own without the help of a stylist. I always suggest leaving hair down and curling because up-do’s can sometimes cost at least twenty dollars more than a simple “low-do” with a fun barrette or braid.

Whether you’re into prom or not, there’s always a style for everyone. When you think about it, prom only last for one night and doesn’t necessarily need to cost you a fortune for a few hours. Try one of these simple styles with your long or short hair for your prom and your bank account will thank you…and so will your hair!

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