Permanently Straightening: Is It Worth It?

March 4th, 2012

Recently, the country music singer, Taylor Swift, went from a bouncy blonde to a straight Barbie blonde. The once kinky, curly hair she used to have is now lusciously long and straight. The process she performed is called “long-term straightening” and is sometimes even referred to as “Brazilian straightening.” Some girls choose to do this because they are not fans of their extremely curly and ┬ámostly frizzy hair. It’s not enough to have the privilege of using a hair straightener everyday. But the question is, is it truly worth all the time and money to get your hair permanently straightened?

The process of permanently straightening hair can take about three or four hours. This means you should probably clear your whole schedule for the day you intend on getting this done to your hair. Hair doesn’t take five seconds to style if it’s a permanent style like this, so don’t expect to have this done in a matter of an hour or so. It is so important that the steps to the process are taken with care and done very accurately.

These steps mainly include determining the type and condition of your hair, applying conditioner and protector to the hair, flat ironing the ends, and neutralizing the entire head of hair. Each of these steps takes a certain amount of time to complete because the hair must get prepared and sit with product in it before it can be moved on to the next step. For example, the conditioner and protector need to soak in the hair for about fifteen or twenty minutes before you can straighten. But before you straighten your hair you must get all of the product out by washing it, followed by drying it. This is the most time consuming part of the process.

Another downside to permanently straightening your hair is that it can cost anywhere from $150 and up. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just buy a straightener and straighten your hair on days you want to? You may miss your curly hair if you permanently straighten it so a flat iron might help let you wear your hair curly some days and straight others. Plus, what if the hair doesn’t turn out permanently straight? You may have to go back and get the same process done again and again, only wasting you more money the more you get it done.

The choice is yours: getting your curly hair permanently straightened seems like a great idea to help tame frizz and crazy curls. Although, in the end, it may be best to just go out and buy any kind of straightener.

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