Short Styles, Formal Nights

February 25th, 2012

Now that prom is around the corner, every girl at school will be looking for the hottest style to sport for that special night. Some go curly while others go with classy updo’s. But what if you have short hair without enough length to get your hair in an updo? There are a few simple solutions to this problem to keep you looking fabulous all through the night.

One of your choices could be to trim some fun layers with your hair shears to add some volume to your bob. This is fun because spunky styles with lots of oomph to them create a more dramatic look. One style that adds even more oomph and drama to your style is the “Victoria Beckham.” This style starts out short in the back, right behind the crown and gets longer the closer you get the ears. At first this look wasn’t as trendy and was even pondered over for quite sometime. Like any other trend in America, though, it grew on everyone and has become a very popular style.

Another option for a fun prom look is to use the short hair you have and do some tight curls. Even hair shorter than ear-length is easy to style when it’s curled because you can make it a fun and flirty style. To add a cute twist, pull either your bangs or a section of hair to the side and pin into place with a sparkly barrette. This ties cute and fun together with elegant and sweet and it draws more attention to the bouncy curls in your hair.

Your perfect night should be dedicated to you and your looks. Although some girls like to look completely stunning and spend hundreds of dollars on hairstyles, dresses, makeup, etc., you can save some money by doing these at-home styles. Even if you don’t have the long, luscious locks like some of your friends, you can still look just as beautiful with these great looks. Pull your night together with stunning hair and a smile!

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