Proper Care For Straighteners

February 5th, 2012

Most people know the proper way to keep their hair protected when using a hair straightener. Between the application of heat to the way we treat our hair after straightening, we can all make some common mistakes with our flat irons. It’s typical to make little mistakes with a straightener while you’re actually straightening your hair, but what about the care you give after the process of straightening?

People mainly think about the ways to protect their hair and forget about the ways to protect the actual hair straightener. Remembering proper techniques of hair straightener care is so important for your hair’s safety but also for your own safety. How does it affect anything besides your hair, though? There are many ways to properly care for your straightener when you are finished using it so that you won’t damage the tool itself.

The number one way to take good care of a straightener is mainly for your own safety: unplug it! You may surprised at the amount of people who forget to turn off and unplug their straightener. This can not only damage the plates of the straightener, but it also can spark a house fire if it stays on for long enough.

If your straightener does not have the ability to stand flat with the plates parallel to the table it’s on, you have no other choice but to lay it on its side so the plates are against the surface. This is what sparks a fire after a certain amount of time. Some may not think of this either but by turning it off yet leaving it plugged in is just as bad. This just takes a longer amount of time to cool down and also uses an exceptional amount of energy if left plugged in all day while you’re working or at school.

Another good way to take good care of the straightener is to swipe it quickly with a damp cloth when done using it. Make sure the plates are no longer extremely hot because the exposure of water on the plates can burn them and cause the “enamel” on them to wear off. As long as the plates have reached a temperature where you can stand touching them for ten seconds without burning your fingers, you can be safe from ruining the material. No chemicals or soaps are needed to clean the plates as long as you have a damp cloth to run over (not scrape) the plates.

There are little hints and tricks to cleaning things properly. Not only can you help your hair straightener to protect your hair, you can also protect your home and yourself from all disaster. Now that you have tips to guide your hairstyling with, you can keep healthy and beautiful hair at the same time that you keep yourself safe.

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