Match Your Hair With Your Personality

February 24th, 2012

Hair doesn’t always scream “pretty” or “stylish” on some people because it doesn’t go quite exactly with certain face shapes. When you see a girl at the store and she has an extremely short cut with a wide face, you can tell it’s not a good look for her. Another way to detect a bad style is when you see your best friend with a new pixie cut. If you know her well enough, you know that her style does not match her personality at all.

The way people wear their hair everyday may be the same and it may be different. Either way, their style usually reflects their personality. Straightened locks day after day tend to detect the personality of a girl who is comfortable in her own skin and is not up for change. A girl who can wear her hair straight one day and curly the next detects the personality of a someone fun and willing to try something new every once in a while.

Not only can a hairstyle show off a personality, so can a haircut. Curly and straight locks are always fun to mix it up with, but a haircut is pretty permanent until you can get the hair to grow back out if it doesn’t turn out great. If you’re looking for a new cut for your hair, it’s a good idea to think of how you would describe yourself. Even ask some friends to describe you in one word to know what kind of personality you have. Once you find this result, you can match any cut to this one word.

Determining the length comes along with determining the personality you want to match up with. You can’t use your hair scissors if you don’t know the right length. For example, fun and flirty personalities should stick with styles no shorter than the chin. Shorter hair can be playful for fun personalities but too short tends to get too edgy. Flirty girls should stick with something longer like shoulder-length hair that they can curl and/or get a playful pony with. For girls with a bit of a rocky, edgy personality, styles above the chin are perfect. Some people with a bit of a punky edge to their style tend to go for short cuts with lots of layers and even some different color streaks here and there.

Styles today come in many different varieties. Each girl has her own color and cut to show off each day. The way we wear these styles though is pretty important if we want to impress others with our look. Haircuts have to compliment our personalities or else we can’t be comfortable in our own skin. Try out a style today but make sure it reflects your personality.

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