Hair Straighteners Overpriced?

February 12th, 2012

In my opinion, there are some hair products out there that definitely aren’t worth the money we actually spend on them. Take, for example, the cost of a hair straightener. It doesn’t seem fair to me that I should go out and buy a good quality straightener for fifty dollars, only to find that it breaks after three uses. This is quite a common trend among some flat irons, as crazy as it seems. So why do we keep wasting our money on things like that? Is there a reason we keep wanting to push ourselves into buying the most expensive and getting nothing good in return? What is the most you’d spend on a hair straightener for your own personal use?

I’m not here to tell you four of the best brands or why you should buy one straightener over the other. I’m here to discover the real cost behind something that should be cheaper than it is. Today, we find straighteners on store shelves for fifty or sixty bucks that look so basic and easy to use. Some companies add the few extra dollars to a straightener because of small features like higher temperature settings or the size of the plates. This seems ridiculous, right? Why would we pay fifty dollars because one straightener has bigger plates than the twenty dollar straightener next to it? It’s because of one thing and one thing only: appearance. Face it, Americans always have to have the next best thing and we’re willing to pay whatever it takes to get the best.

So are straighteners overpriced or are we just blindsided by the cool features of them to notice how much they are? There are some brands that are more expensive for logical reasons like the fact that they have been made with special technology to keep hair damage under control and lock in moisture to give a better protection. On the other hand, some hair straightener have no reason to be as expensive as they are, especially if they don’t have guarantees that they will satisfy all things they inquire about themselves. The next time you purchase a new straightener, decide whether you actually want to spend the amount you’re about to spend or if you’re doing it to look like you have the best of the best.

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