Finding Quality Shears

February 6th, 2012

I recently looked online for a new pair of hair scissors. Not necessarily to buy a pair, but just to see what some people may look for in a good pair of hair scissors. Also to see how much some people are willing to spend on a decent pair. As I went from website to website, I gathered a few tips and realized how to find a good pair of hair scissors in the industry we have before us today.

There were three main things that I noticed people really look for when they are buying a new pair of hair shears. First, however, this brings me to one of my first tips for shopping online. This doesn’t just include shopping for hair scissors, though. When shopping online at all you must remember to read reviews from previous and/or current customers. The three areas to look for in reviews will come later but you should always remember to find out what others are thinking/saying about the product you’re looking into.

When reading reviews, you should look for the three key things that I noticed while surfing the net. First, one of the main things I kept reading about was customer service. So many people talked about the service provided to them and how awful or wonderful it was, depending on the company. Whether it was good or bad comments about how fast something was shipped to their house or how nice the employee was, customer service was definitely the most talked about in reviews for hair scissors.

Another common topic that I came across was the comfortability of the handles on the shears. If something is not comfortable to your hands, you must return it right away. After all, as a hairdresser your main job is to use a pair of scissors to cut hair all day long, everyday. You can’t use a tool that is going to cause you any pain. Be sure to read all about the comfort of the pair you’d like to purchase since this is so important.

The last thing you’ll want to look for when you read the reviews is overall performance. Some people will talk about their shears in a positive way while others will say a few things are wrong with the blades or the cut that they perform. As long as you use the reviews to your advantage and read all about the ways certain types of shears perform. Look for keywords like “smooth” and/or “precise” to know whether the pair you’re looking at are actually quality.

As long as you keep your search specific and be picky with each pair you may narrow it down to, you will be sure to find the right pair for your hair. The shears you purchase will end up with great performance, extreme comfortability, and you’ll receive them with top of the line service. These are just a few great tips to help you find the right pair of hair scissors for you.

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