An Odd Way To Reduce Heat Damage

February 23rd, 2012

Do you ever shower on a Monday and then wait to shower again on Wednesday? Welcome to my world! Lots of people think this is odd and/or gross, but it’s actually really smart. It’s like a recycling process for your hair, because the natural oils can help maintain moisture over longer periods of time; especially when you don’t feel like showering.

This process is one of the greatest ways to reduce the damage done from hair straighteners. When we continually wake up and go through a routine of washing, blow drying, and then straightening hair, it gets to be very harsh on the cuticle of the hair. Eventually the hair breaks down because of the strain being done to it after the same routine everyday.

So how can you tell when this is becoming too strenuous on your hair? It’s easily evident by the way your hair loses its shine and gains lots of frizz. Even though its common for hair to look frizzy after being blow dried, you will notice that your hair has a straw-like texture to it and it is hard to run your fingers through. Not only will the texture and look become different, but the feel of it hanging on your shoulders tends to feel heavy and feel like it’s weighing down your head. When you do feel that you have these symptoms going on with your head of hair, it’s time to make your move toward healthy hair.

Begin by showering with a shampoo that will help restore and revive dead strands of hair. Even if strands aren’t completely dead, you can help prevent them from getting to that point by using this kind of shampoo each time you wash your hair. Once you’ve washed the hair, you can either let it air dry overnight or blow dry it and straighten it if you have little time. The key is to use plenty of protectant spray and not to overuse your heat styling too. For the next twenty-four hours, do not even think about washing your hair because this will ruin the point of keeping moisture and natural oil in the cuticle.

If I want to reduce the look and feel of my hair being dry and dull, I will shower on a Monday morning and let it air-dry all day. Later that same Monday afternoon, I straighten it and the next morning I wake up and do a quick fix with some hairspray. If I need to redo a few pieces here and there, I know I can use my straightener for a quick few touch-ups. I know that my hair already contains natural shine and moisture so I don’t need to worry about washing it again until either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

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