When To Cut Your Hair

January 22nd, 2012

By cutting your hair regularly, you can keep it healthier. This is a well-known fact in the hair industry and stylists are trying to spread this word so all women can have the best look available. Healthy hair is what keeps you looking young too. When you keep a consistent cut, you can guarantee that you will have the best looking hair around. But how should you know when to give your hair a fresh cut? It is beneficial to know when you should give your hair a trim so the ends can stay clean.

It all starts with a little trim. Even if you don’t want a drastic new look, you should still go in for a haircut every six to eight weeks. This time period of six to eight weeks will help you create a little wiggle room when you want to be flexible on your hair. This means that if you feel like your split ends aren’t as noticeable, you can wait a couple extra weeks. At the same time, you could also give it an early cut if your ends haven’t been cooperating as well as you’d like them to.

Another good sign alongside the six to eight week gap is the body of your hair. If you are in need of a trim, your hair will feel heavy and thick in some areas of the head. This means a good trim could be in the works if it has grown its bulk back. More than likely you will be able to tell when the hair doesn’t seem itself because you should know your hair more than anyone else. It isn’t crucial to cut your hair the second you feel bulk rebuilding but if it turns to be a nuisance when you style, you should probably break out the hair shears.

Between the look of split ends, a bulky texture, and the period of time between each trim you get, you should know your hair well enough to know when to cut it. When it comes to hair, it is crucial to take care of your ends properly so that as it grows, you want to maintain the texture and look of it. You don’t want it to look stringy as it grows, you want it to look more subtle and soft on the ends. Keeping your hair trimmed regularly with your hair scissors is what will help you maintain a great look with your hair for a lifetime.

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