Titanium Hair Straighteners versus Ceramic

January 7th, 2012

A breakout straightener that can provide you with the best look yet has been created! Titanium hair straighteners were originally created to provide your hair with a tool that will not damage the ends as much as a ceramic hair straightener. All of the hype was about that one feature of the iron and how much better your hair would be off if you used the titanium instead of the ceramic. After a while, however, some people may get sick of hearing only about the heat difference.

The fact that the titanium hair straightener is better for your hair as far as the amount of heat goes is a good benefit of the hair styler. However, there are many other good things about the iron that people don’t know about because of the hype on the heat. One of the best parts about a titanium straightener is that its plates will last much longer than ceramic plates. Notice when you use a ceramic straightener, the plates begin to turn brown or orange in some spots. This is because after being heated up so much and being used over and over, the plates begin to wear and the material chips off. Titanium is a much stronger material than ceramic, therefore it can take a lot of wear and tear as it is used more often.

To get ultra smooth hair, use titanium hair straighteners for the best results. The flat irons release negative ions, which help preserve the moisture in your hair. When your hair can keep hold of its natural moisture each time you straighten, it will look healthier and shinier. The best part about having the negative ions with a titanium straightener is that you can keep your silky look that you would normally lose with a ceramic straightener. The negative ions also help to remove all frizz from the ends so your hair can start with a great look and continue to look great all the day through.

Each time you straighten your hair with a ceramic straightener, moisture is absorbed with the plates. After a few uses with a titanium straightener you will notice many differences in the look and texture of your hair. You will also notice a few differences in the look of your straightener’s plates. As compared to a ceramic flat iron, the plates will be shiny as if they were brand new after each use.

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