How Much Heat Protectant?

January 26th, 2012

We all know that by using some kind of thermal spray we can prevent our hair from getting too damaged when we style with heat. From straighteners to curling irons, the ways of damage could become countless so it is very important that you use thermal spray. Some brands even sell heat protection in serums or creams to give the hair a more polished look when you straighten. The serums also serve as a frizz control and if you use them regularly enough, you can see the difference in shine!

One of the only main problems women have with heat protectant sprays is knowing the right amount to use. Yes it is important to use plenty so that your hair will be moisturized all over, but you must remember one thing- the difference between moisturized and greasy-fied. Determining the proper amount of serum, cream, or even spray to use is crucial in hairstyling. Even hairdressers for the red carpet must be cautious about the amounts of product they use because too much is always a bad idea.

When you begin to heat up your hair straightener, you may want to prepare your hair with the heat protector of your choice. Whether you choose a cream, serum, spray, or any other product is completely up to you. Usually as long as you are using some kind of protection for your hair, you’re good to go. So don’t worry, your main worry shouldn’t be the kind of product you use on the hair. Moving onto the amount, you should begin by determining how thick your hair is. If your hair is fairly bulky you could get away with a fair amount of protection because the hair is thick enough to absorb larger amounts. If you have thin hair, be careful not to use too much because it doesn’t have much room to soak up the oils of the protector.

If you are looking for an exact amount, you should split your hair into three or four layers. Three if your hair is fairly thin, four if it is thicker or more corse than normal. For thin hair, your limit for each layer should be a little bit bigger than the size of a pea. If you spray it, don’t use more than four sprays per layer. For thick hair, your limit should be the size of a nickel per layer, or five-six sprays per layer. If you feel that your hair doesn’t look or feel damp (spray) or greasy (serum) when you’ve finished preparing then you are ready to begin the styling process. If their hair feels quite damp, do not begin to straighten until you let the product soak into the roots.

As long as you remember that too much is bad when it comes to straightening, you will be successful with protecting your hair. Of course you need to use lots of hair thermal spray when you use any kind of heat but when you use too much product, the hair tends to be weighed down and look heavily greasy. You should be going for a naturally straight and chic look when you use your hair straightener. Remember these few tips and rules and you will never have to worry again about getting greasy or unprotected hair.

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