Felt Plates On A Hair Straightener

January 12th, 2012

Some may say ceramic hair straighteners are the best on the market. Others may disagree and say that titanium hair straighteners are best for hair. But have you ever heard of a flat iron with felt on its plates? Most people just think the only difference between hair straighteners is the look of them. There are some differences, however, in the use of a ceramic plated straightener versus a felt straightener.

As you look around local markets like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target you may not find felt plates on a straightener. That is because these types of flat irons aren’t as common as the ceramic. They have been known to be very popular in the past, but as technology keeps heating up and creations for ceramic and titanium straighteners are becoming more advanced, the felt straighteners haven’t had as much to offer as the other two. It is very rare to find these tools on the market in regular stores such as Wal-Mart. More common places to find them would be online, at a specific salon or at a beauty supply store.

Although these straighteners aren’t as common to find, they do have some benefits to them. When you think of felt rubbing up against your hair, you might think of static and frizz. However, when you add heat into the mix you get a very smooth look in hair. The combination of the soft fabric and the heat of the plates makes it that much easier for you to get a great look each time you straighten. Also, because these plates are covered in felt, they even provide a little extra protection for your hair against heat damage.

The fact that ceramic plates have a higher risk of damaging your ends can be scary when you style with a straightener daily. The excessive heat can begin to dry your hair and make it look more dull the more you straighten your hair. The felt fabric plates serve as a coating for the ceramic plates and protect your hair from being damaged after the use of heat repeatedly. When you use the felt straighteners, you can reduce the heat damage and increase the shine. Felt plates glide easier through the hair and help retain moisture in the hair. Preserve your hair today with a great felt plated straightener.

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