What Not To Do With Shears

November 10th, 2011

Hair scissors are meant to be kept in tip top shape so they will perform greatly forever. When hairdressers abuse their shears, it is extremely hard to keep them defined. There are as many ways to damage shears as there are to protect them. It may seem easy to take care of them but the life of a stylist tends to get very hectic.

To start with, it’s important to know how you can abuse your shears. You may be doing the wrong thing with your shears without even noticing so read through and make sure you aren’t doing any of the following. As odd as it may sound, some stylists actually cut paper with their hair scissors. This is one of the worst things to do with your shears because it severely damages the blades.

One must be extremely careful not to offset the balance of the scissors. By cutting a piece of paper, no matter how thin it may be, you are cutting something that is much thicker than hair. Shears are made for hair because the thickness is measured in nanometers and is easy to glide through with a simple pair of shears. Paper is thicker than hair and stiffer so it is not as easy to cut through it with the blades of a pair of hair scissors. Paper cutting scissors are made with a thicker, less complex blade while shear blades are defined so precisely and balanced to a “t”.

Something that may be hard to avoid is throwing hair scissors when done using them. Once hairstylists get into their groove of motion and into a routine that helps them cut hair in a faster way, they tend to lack in the gentleness of using their shears. They may make a few cuts in a certain area of the hair and then toss the scissors onto the counter to pick up their next tool. This is extremely harmful to the shears because hitting up against other objects such as a comb, another pair of scissors, or even a simple countertop can ruin the cutting edge and sharpness.

Loaning your shears to a friend is an absolute no-no in the world of hair. You may think they are very trustworthy and would never do anything to damage your property but you may have two different ideas of being careful. They may not care about their tools as much as you which means they could toss your shears around or use them for the improper purpose. This is extremely costly for anyone who loans their shears out to friends or family.

Hairstyling isn’t the easiest job in the world when you look at the big picture. Precise measurements and cuts take not only knowledge, but also plenty of skill. Anyone cutting hair must be well educated in what they are doing, which includes taking care of their tools. As long as hairdressers free up a little time in their busy schedules to organize their tools, they can save themselves money by preserving everything and keeping it all in great shape.

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