Titanium Hair Straighteners versus Ceramic

November 16th, 2011

You’ve maybe heard about all the differences between a titanium and a ceramic hair straightener. Between the kinds of technology used and the ways each affect your hair, it’s easy to tell that they vary in many ways. To some, the features may be what make them want to purchase one or the other straightener. But for others, the look is more important and is more of a deal maker than the features.

Although titanium straighteners are proven to be a better tool for your hair as far as heat damage goes, some ceramic straighteners may have a more sleek and modern look to them. That is why physical appearance is also important when looking to purchase a hair straightener. There are a few noticeable differences between the look of a ceramic and titanium straightener. Some of them are noticeable because of all the features included in each tool. For example, titanium hair straighteners are generally smaller width-wise. The plates aren’t as large and are usually silver and smooth without any texture to them.

Ceramic hair straighteners on the other hand can have different looks like gold plates and a variety of sizes. Widths of its plates range anywhere from one-inch to three inches. Not to say that ceramic straighteners can’t be silver like titanium but it is more common for ceramic to be a gold-ish yellow and for a titanium to be a silver color.

As far as the look of the rest of the iron, the two can vary in pattern or color. The body of a ceramic iron tends to be more unique compared to a titanium iron. For example, there are lots of ceramic hair straighteners that are crazy colors like pink, red, blue and other bright colors. At the same time, titanium straighteners are mostly black, dark blue, deep red, etc. The look of a titanium iron is going to be a little more on the chic side rather than unique and trendy.

When purchasing a new straightener, if you aren’t sure the difference between a titanium and ceramic flat iron, take a look at each of them. Decide what differences are noticeable and what you think would be better in one kind compared to the other. Some features may be better and it is important to go in depth with the features but also compare the physical appearances so you can determine which would be more satisfying to you.

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