SheaRaising: Shear Charities

November 12th, 2011

Up until now, hair scissors are known for allowing you to make precise cuts on your hair or any clients you may have. Professional stylist or not, you can help raise money in so many ways for cancer patients today. Imagine going through a battle for your life. Everything seems to just go downhill right in front of your eyes and make you depressed. Next thing you know, you begin loosing your hair because of the treatments you are receiving. This is where great charities come in handy for you and brighten your day.

Today in the United States there are hundreds of organizations that benefit cancer patients each day. Some deal with events kids in school set up while others may be a certain walk for the cure. Not many people think of the fact that when cancer fighters begin to loose their hair, they begin to loose hope. Hair is something you may get sick of or hate having to deal with but if you think about it, any cancer patient would trade you for your full head of luscious hair any day. Here’s how you and your hair shears can help!

That’s why stylists around the world have come together to create organizations to benefit any cancer patient. There are some fundraising programs that donate a certain amount of a purchase toward finding a cure for cancer. Some have even gotten creative and have come up with an idea that if you purchase a pair of hair scissors to use in your beauty shop, a set percentage of the shears will go toward finding a cure for breast cancer, heart cancer, etc. It’s such a great way to get your favorite pair of shears while you can feel great about yourself because you have done something great.

One of the most popular charities for battling any kind of harsh diagnosis is called Locks of Love. This organization is non-profit and tends the needs of teens and kids under the age of twenty-one. Once treatments have begun on a cancer patient, they lose their hair and that can be one of the hardest things for anyone to deal with. For this reason, Locks of Love established a system of haircutting to help kids in need. Anyone whose hair is at least ten inches tip-to-tip is eligible to help. All you need is a pair of hair scissors to get everything trimmed off and accurately donated to any child who is in need of a wig. You are making a world of a difference to a child all because of one simple haircut.

Who would have thought that a pair of shears could better someone’s day by one hundred percent? It’s truly amazing to see the look on a child’s face when you donate such a gift. Even if cutting your hair is not in the question for you, donations are always accepted to any organization you can think of. One thing to remember is, although you may not be helping the exact charity you were hoping for, you are helping the same cause.

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