Dry Weather Brings Dry Hair

November 24th, 2011

Each winter, the weather seems to get Colder, darker, and drier. This kind of weather tends to make everyone feel a little sick and worn out. It can also have the same affect on your hair, making it drier and harder to style even. The dryness in the air tends to create some frizz and a texture that is straw-like in your hair. This means it’s time to step up the use of certain shampoos and tame the use of your hair straightener.

When it comes to hairstyling, the first thing you should be aware of in the holiday season is the amount of moisture in the air. Winter air doesn’t contain as much humidity and moisture as the summer air does because cold air does not seem to contain as much water in its molecules. Humidity in the summer is created from all the rain that is released from the sky which then creates a “wet” air.

So how can you tell that you have damaged and dry hair? And what causes all the dryness in your hair besides the air surrounding you? First of all, the symptoms are quite easy to catch. Typically we lose 100-150 hairs each day so start paying attention to the lengths of the hairs that fall out. If you notice that some of them appear to be a great amount shorter than others, this means you have dead ends and your hair is excessively dry. You can also tell by the texture, as mentioned above. With dry hair, you can noticeably tell a difference when you run your fingers through the strands. If you feel like your hair doesn’t flow through your fingertips and if your fingers get caught in knots while going through, you have dry hair.

Other than dry air, there are so many causes of dry and damaged hair. After so many mornings of blow-drying and styling with a straightener, your hair has little or no moisture left. This makes it loose its shiny look and silky texture. Also, not eating enough food or drinking enough water is a major cause. Foods with lots of meat and protein are so necessary in your diet because your hair needs protein just as much as any other part of your body so it can grow healthily. They say that drinking eight cups of water each day helps your skin maintain clearness, but it also provides moisture to your hair cuticle as well.

Preventing and/or helping the dryness in your hair is easy to do. All you need to do is invest in some important new ingredients and you’ll have the perfect recipe for new hair. First, you’ll want to purchase a new shampoo, conditioner, and even a leave-in conditioner. The leave-in conditioner is optional but can help at anytime to retain shine and moisture when you don’t have time to shower. Your three hair conditioning tools should be part of a hair line that deals with moisture and/or damaged hair. A great product to use is the Pantene line, specifically the dry to moisturized products. You can also reduce the use of your hair straightener.

If you think about it, chic styles are most in during the winter time. Everyone leaves their hair wavy and sloppy in the summer because it’s hot and it’s pointless to try and straighten it with all the humidity. That is also a good reason for people to bump up the use of their hair straighteners in the winter. It’s definitely okay to use a hair straightener every once in a while (2-3 times a week) but it becomes damaging when you use the straightener every day. If you must use it more often that just a couple times a week, be sure you thoroughly spray your hair with a heat protectant spray and don’t overdo the straightening process.

Once the winter season passes by, the air will become more luscious with moisture and will help you create a great look for your hair. The most important time of year to straighten and style your hair is in the spring because this is when it rains the most and it also begins a time of recreating all of the moist molecules in the air. When there’s more moisture in the air, there’s more moisture in your hair!

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