Titanium Hair Straighteners Versus Ceramic

October 26th, 2011

Straight hair is what everyone’s looking for these days. After all the big and curly hair from the 80′s, everyone is looking to get more modern looks that are more chic and professional. Even though this is the most popular look for hair it can be harmful. Let’s take a look at the damage that can be done to your hair each day. Just from using a ceramic hair straightener every day when styling, your hair can be dead within a week.

Starting with a regular ceramic hair straightener, let’s take a look at what happens to your hair after one week of straightening daily. Keep in mind that the damage we’re looking at is strictly from straightening, not blow drying before. You have done your daily condition of thermal spray evenly throughout your hair  and now you are about to being styling. At a temperature of 450 degrees, your ceramic hair straightener glides through your hair applying extreme heat to each individual strand.

When heat comes in contact with hair, it absorbs moisture from the cuticle and releases steam that is created from the ceramic plates. Typically, enzymes from moisturizing shampoo can help restore all the minerals to keep your hair healthy. However,  after so much of this moisture is taken from your strands of hair, the cuticle can’t do much to protect itself and even shampoos can’t do anything. When your hair cannot restore itself with moisture and minerals, it begins to go extremely fragile and this is how split ends and frizz are created.

A week after daily straightening your hair, you have created yourself a mess of broken ends. An alternative use of a straightener is a titanium hair straightener. Rather than ceramic plates, these plates are created by negative ions. Negative ions have one main purpose and that purpose is to release moisture. What does this mean for your hair? It means your hair will go back to shiny and smooth like it used to. After a week of straightening with a titanium hair straightener, you are guaranteed to notice smoother strands and less damage than you would ever find in a ceramic straightener. When you repeatedly run heat through your hair it will cause damage, but with titanium plates, the damage being done is very little and will not harm your hair to an extreme.

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