The Great Trimming Tool

October 6th, 2011

There are many kinds of hair scissors that cosmetologists use. Most people have only heard of the basic kind of hair scissors that they see their hair dressers use on their ends. One of the many kinds of shears that not many people know about is thinning shears.

These kinds of shears serve a few purposes including layering, shaping, and texturizing your hair. Depending on which of the elements you are attempting to achieve, you can use different kinds of thinning shears. The few different types of shears help you to get the great results you are looking for.

The layering (or sometimes known as texturizing) shears are one of the most commonly used kind of thinning shears. They were made to create an edgy look. These are made with a blade specifically used to create chunky texture.The wider of a tooth that is used, the smoother of a texture you will create. Some people like to use double-row shears in order to get more of a layered look and create a feathery texture.

Another type created more recently is the revolving shear. This was designed with a rotating thumb ring that moves as you style. This is a perfect tool for left-handed stylists who find it hard to use the thinning shears. It’s also provides comfort to those who experience pain after going through the thinning process.

These trimming shears aren’t just great for trimming hair, they’re also great for providing texture, shape and unique style. There are so many possibilities when it comes to thinning shears and so many features to each pair. Just a few more reasons they are considered to be the great trimming tool.

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