Straightener or Rollers?

October 28th, 2011

If your hair has not been straightened before, you have probably not been exposed to high fashion hairstyles. Straighteners are the hottest hairstyling tools on the market today and keep getting more popular as time goes on. The best way to use a straightener is obviously to straighten your hair but some people don’t know that you can also curl your hair with this tool.

To get big and curly hair, most people use hair rollers and leave them in their hair overnight or at least let them sit in their hair for a few hours. However, pinning your hair up in curlers consumes quite a bit of time. If you have times when you’re in a hurry to get going with your day and don’t have time to individually put small sections of hair into a roller, this is the perfect opportunity to try out a new technique!

To get started, grab your hair straightener, thermal spray, and plenty of hairspray. Your first mission is to create a helmet of protection (metaphorically speaking, of course). You can do this by spritzing an even shield of thermal spray from your roots to your ends. Set your straightener on a little bit lower setting of heat because you are moving it through you hair at a slower pace, which can create more damage if on a high heat setting.

Now it’s time to begin the process of curling with a hair straightener. Although it seems like a contradiction to say you can get curly hair out of a straightening tool, this technique sometimes works better than any other curling technique. Grab your first section of hair and follow these exact steps to create best results. Starting at the crown of the hair you have grabbed, clamp your first section and twist your wrist ninety degrees. When you do this step of twisting, make sure you aren’t twisting the iron while moving down through your hair. Instead hold it in place while you simply turn the iron ninety degrees and then pull it trough your hair while in that twisted position. You don’t have to worry about continuously twisting the straightener because the curl forms as the iron pulls down in the twisted position.

Repeat those careful steps on all sections of your hair until you have created a satisfactory hairstyle for yourself. One thing that is really great about doing the curling process with a flat iron is that you can leave a few pieces straight or curl each and every little strand to give your hair a fuller look. Leaving a few pieces straight here and there throughout the hair looks more fun and flirty while curling all the way around looks more polished and professional for a day in the office.

The last step of this time saving process is to apply hairspray. You want to use a fair amount to hold every fly away or loose strand in place. Another great way to use hairspray is to hold it far enough away from your hair but apply it to the crown of the hair. When you do this, hold up a section of your hair that you know you can apply hairspray underneath and then run your fingers through the section to give it a nice poof.

Hairspray is just one little finishing touch that can make a hairstyle go a long way. This method of styling is much easier going on your time because instead of putting curlers in, letting them stay in over a few hours time, and wasting time creating waves. Waves from curlers can be lost right away after walking in the wind, excessive movement, etc. With your hair straightener you can fix your hair professionally every day without the extreme costs.

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