Is Wet 2 Straight Safe?

September 24th, 2011

Everyone wants straight hair but doesn’t know how to do it without going through the process of blow drying and straightening. Remington has come up with a new invention of a hair straightener called Wet 2 Straight. This styling tool was created to cut down on one step of getting ready: blow drying. This seems like it’d be a great idea to save time but after so many times of using this straightener right after showering, it could get harmful.

There aren’t necessarily good and bad straighteners on the market. They all use heat which is extremely harmful for your hair, therefore all straighteners are bad for you. The way you style is the part of this equation that can be good or bad. If you straighten your hair when it’s already dry and prepared to be styled, you are more than likely going to get less damage than you would if you straightened wet hair.

The Wet 2 Straight iron describes itself by saying it extracts moisture from wet hair and releases steam so your hair can be dry and straight at the same time. This is where the product gets questionable because your hair needs moisture to be healthy. There are shampoos that take dry hair and make it moisturized so your hair can be silky and smooth. If you take all that moisture out, your hair will become dry and frizzy.

There are no rules when it comes to straightening your hair but if you want to contain your shine and healthy look, you would be causing less heat damage by blow drying your hair and then straightening it. Although it seems more harmful, you aren’t necessarily drying out your hair by using a blow dryer because it doesn’t take any moisture from the cuticle of the hair. ┬áIf you do decide to use the Wet 2 Straight straighteners, be sure to use plenty of thermal spray and hair moisturizer. These are your essential styling tools when it comes to straightening your hair.

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