Belly Button Rings Survive a Pregnancy

April 8th, 2011
Pregnancy Belly Button Ring

This belly button ring is perfect for pregnancies.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Every girl loves a little bling; especially now-a-days since women are getting some type of piercing done every day. One of the most popular piercings is the belly button ring. There are many women getting bling on their naval and it attracts the eye of many people so it is becoming a trend around the world.

Not only are the rates of belly button piercings going up but the rates of birth are as well. People are having more and more children each day. So where do pregnancy and naval rings connect? The fact that pregnant women are either getting their belly buttons pierced or they already are pierced. Could this be dangerous for mothers? Or worse, could it be harmful to their babies?

Many women who have their belly button pierced fear becoming pregnant someday. They wonder whether their fetus will be in any harm at all or if their own bodies will be in danger. Although people are scared of the dangers, it is normal to have a belly button piercing throughout a whole pregnancy. However, there are a few misconceptions of being a pregnant woman with a naval piercing.

Many women who wear belly button rings assume that when they become pregnant, they will have to remove their piercing when their belly starts to expand. Doctors say, though, that there are no valid medical reasons for a pregnant woman to remove her piercing. If a woman starts to feel uncomfortable later in the pregnancy they should know that it is okay to remove the jewelry as long as safety regulations are followed.

Research at the March of Dimes has found that if women get their belly button pierced while pregnant, it might not heal properly due to the constant change of shape in the belly. Another safety precaution to be aware of is the cleanliness of the needle being used. For example, if the needle is not sterile it could pass an infection into your body like HIV or Hepatitis B and it could be passed on to the fetus as well. If pregnant women do decide to get their navels pierced, they are advised to double check with the person doing the belly button piercing that all tools being used are sterile and make sure that they are aware that the woman is pregnant.

There are a few risks of maternity piercings. The major one is infection. If the piercing is not taken care of the way it should be or if it is brand new, the risk of infection is much higher. Signs of infection include puss oozing from the piercing, skin being of a higher temperature around the piercing, swelling or redness. If you think you have an infection, call your doctor right away; don’t wait until it’s too late!

If discomfort becomes a problem during the pregnancy, maternity belly button rings are an option. These are made of a medical-grade plastic material. The plastics are flexible so they are great for women who have rapidly growing stomachs during their journey through pregnancy. If both the plastic and medal piercings are uncomfortable, remove the jewelry and wait until after the baby is born.

The most important thing about maternity belly button rings is yours and the baby’s safety. That is always your number one priority, now that you are carrying a child and entering motherhood. If you don’t feel right about getting a piercing done while pregnant or if you have some concerns, contact your doctor immediately. If you feel like you should know more, you have the right to. Ask your doctor anything and make sure that she will give you the straight facts and not her opinion. You want to know that your child will be in safety when entering the world of today’s society. Find all the information today and don’t be afraid to ask your doctor anything.

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