Belly Button Rings and NFL Spirit

April 5th, 2011

In a surprisingly short time, Super bowl XLVI will be here and what better way to get in the spirit for the big game than to buy jewelry to support your favorite NFL team. One of the most viewed events on television, Super bowls pump all football fans up for a night of intense competition. As the event nears, sales in sports attire increase drastically so why not increase sales in body jewelry by purchasing a belly button ring with your favorite team’s logo?

Many folks think by wearing a jersey on the night of the big game is enough team spirit. Of course that’s not enough; the best way to show your supports is to deck yourself out with fun jewelry along with the jersey that you can wear anytime but especially during the game. There are many different designs and team logos available to buy in the form of an adorable belly button ring.

One of the best places to purchase these fun accessories is online. There is a large variety to choose from including mount-curved rings, crystalline GEM rings, double GEM rings and single GEM rings. These rings are extremely stylish and can be worn at the beginning of the NFL season or any time during the year to show your team support!

Navel piercings are so popular in today’s culture so the best way to popularize the NFL jewelry is to wear them and get the word around about them. Most people think it’s impossible to find body piercings with team logos on them and give up after looking at tattoo/piercings shops. The truth is, they haven’t looked hard enough; it is possible to pull through and find team piercings easily on the Internet.

The most popular belly button ring with an NFL team logo is the ring that features the logo for the Pittsburgh Steelers. One of the most popular designs found on the web is the Reverse Top Down ring. It is unique from any other ring due to the fact that it is designed opposite of the others. While the regular mount-curved rings begin at the navel with a mount and curve to a barbell shape, the curve of a barbell begins at the navel with these unique rings and it curves until the tip contains a mount.

As the Super Bowl for 2012 nears, folks will begin to scrounge around the cupboards for chips, salsa, pop, and candy. Many Americans get riled up about this day because it’s one of the best days to have company, which means these same people think they should clean. While half of the country is deciding what to do and is stressing out, all you need to do is log onto the computer and buy a belly button ring or two to show your team spirit!

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