Gold Belly Button Rings Scream Elegance

March 24th, 2011

Gold Belly Button Ring

Gold jewelry is popular among the population today. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces: they all scream elegance. But did you know that there was such thing as gold belly button rings? They do exist and they are popular among the nation just as the other items of body jewelry are.

Most say to avoid getting a gold belly button ring. At least for the beginning of your use it’s a good idea. This can help reduce the risk of irritation from the gold. It is said that gold can be a more irritating material than silver so

once the healing process is complete, you can feel free to enjoy a gold piercing all you want.

A commonly asked question about this item of jewelry is whether the care is different from any other belly button ring. Since gold is so fine, people would say it’s harder to take care of the jewelry. The truth is, it is just as important but is not harder than any other accessory.

One of the best ways to start out the care for your piercing is to keep that whole torso clean, not just the belly button. If you go out in the sun for an extended time or if you workout, these are perfect examples for needing to clean the area. Not only can too much sun and sweat cause a burning sensation on your newly pierced navel, but it can also increase your chance of infections. To do this process, you can purchase lotions that can do just the trick to keep the area of the piercing clean.

The second best way to avoid infections is to keep your hands away from the belly button ring. If you touch the piercing too much, the germs from your hands can, and most likely will, cause an infection, mild or severe. Going along those same lines of touching the piercing, avoid wearing tight clothes as well. The linen material could run up against the piercing and cause irritation. This will lead to you itching the piercing and causing another infection. Some say when it comes to wearing clothes, the best way to go is to either wear very loose clothes or even shirts that reveal your belly.
In taking care of a gold belly button ring, all you really have to remember is to use the same steps as you would if you were taking care of a steel piercing. You should also remember to take steps listed above when you aren’t actually deep cleansing the piercing. Then you can have a belly button ring that will be healthy for a lifetime. Always remember that wearing a gold ring is no harder than wearing any other ring.

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