Belly Button Rings: How to Hide Them From Your Parents

March 31st, 2011

One of the things parents don’t want their kids to do is harm their bodies. Kids may have different ideas on what exactly “harming” could be. To a kid, harming their body would probably run along the lines of scraping their knee or breaking a bone. But to a parent, there are so many more definitions for the word “harm”. One of those would be a belly button piercing.

There are so many ways to hide a piercing now that more and more kids are getting it done. The best would obviously be to wear baggy clothes that don’t show the bump from the ring on your belly button. However, kids are creating ways to hide it as them and their friends get belly button rings.

If someone’s parent or guardian is completely against the idea of a body piercing yet the child still wants the piercing, the child turns who else but their friends. This is because they’re all the same age and can take about things that would be uncomfortable to discuss with guardians. When it comes to belly button piercings, peers have given suggestions like wearing baggy clothes and avoiding drawing attention in the area of the piercing. The suggestion that stood out the most was that if a shirt with a pouch will be worn, place some sort of object like a cell phone or Ipod in the spot where the ring is visible.

Another easy fix to this problem would be to either invest in a retainer for the belly button ring or to just take the piercing out. Of course, the best bet is to wait until the piercing is completely healed. The healing process could vary based on the situation but once it is healed, the ring could be taken out whenever the child is in a situation where the parent should not see the ring. A retainer is another good idea because they can be purchased in a clear color so the ring is much harder to detect than it would be if it were just the ring by itself.

Just because a teenager wants a piercing done but doesn’t have the approval of their parent doesn’t mean they are completely restricted. Belly button rings are perfect examples of items of jewelry that can be hidden. They are one of the easiest accessories to hide due to the fact that clothing can hide them. As more and more kids get a piercing in the navel, ways to hide the rings are becoming increasing.

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