Would You Wear Tongue Rings at Work?

February 8th, 2011

Hot Splatter Paint Tongue Ring

Hot Splatter Paint Tongue Ring

For experts in several industries, like insurance coverage, banking and public education, ornamental jewelery like tongue rings or tattoos in obvious locations like a face or mouth could probably be a difficulty during the hiring process.  An workplace may have legitimate issues about how an applicant may be perceived by possible clients, board associates or various stakeholders.  It may sound foolish or old fashioned, but the actuality remains that non-traditional body adornment tends to make a certain impression, just as it’s meant to.  Only sometimes, you don’t want that impression to be which individuals remember about you.

In various workplace environments, wearing  tongue rings is more acceptable.  I’ve noticed young adults put on tasteful, small rings in their nose and tongue occasionally while eating out and checking out at a register.  Definitely, in some of nowadays’s newest roles, say in internet marketing fields, tongue rings and other body art is considerably more acceptable.

Depending upon the exposure in your job place, you may be allowed to wear tongue rings though working immediately with customers.  Try to bear in mind that your speech may be altered so account for this and speak gradually and clearly, at least until your customer or group begins to understand your speech patterns.  Save the wild tongue rings for the late-night party, leaving the calmer tongue rings for the office.

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