Retainers for Tongue Rings Can Be More Subtle

December 10th, 2010

Bioflex Tongue RingsEveryone knows about the ever popular accessory for their mouths, tongue rings. But have you ever heard of a retainer for a tongue piercing? Saying “retainer” most often relates to braces and other dental materials.

In this case, a tongue piercing retainer is a clear, plastic barbell-shaped ring that goes around the tongue ring to hide the piercing.

These tools can come in handy for tongue ring wearers who have to follow a dress code at work or school. One of the most common reasons people wear them are because they have a piercing that is not allowed at their job. For example, it might not be appropriate to wear noticeable tongue rings to a job interview at a bank.

Retainers are a unique and fun way to hide a piercing so those who sport the accessories don’t have to feel like they aren’t spunky when they wear the retainers. You can still keep your individuality by wearing the retainers because you are separating yourself from the crowd just by wearing something different in your mouth than anyone else!

If you search around for tongue piercing retainers, you will find that most of them come in a clear color. It is not impossible to find them in a different color but the most common color for the retainers is clear.  Sometimes they’re just more comfortable than traditional metal styles.

Nearly all people with tongue rings eventually reach a point when they would prefer to conceal the piercing. Although the hole will close eventually and the tongue will return to (almost) normal, the transition period can be irritating so some choose to avoid it by using a retainer. If you can wear a tongue ring and get away with it, why wouldn’t you? The best way to hide them is by getting a retainer.

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