Even Trims Require Professional Hair Shears

November 23rd, 2010
Kamisori Black Diamond Lefty Shears

Kamisori Black Diamond Lefty Shears

Your hairstyle or haircut is a valuable part of your style and appearance and truly affects the way you feel about yourself. While getting a haircut every 6 – 8 weeks at a professional salon is recommended, sometimes a quick trim on our own can do wonders for a person’s head of hair.  While it may seem any pair of scissors will do for a quick trim, using a pair of sharp, professional hair scissors is very important.

Even though it seems beneficial to wash and brush your hair each and every day, this repeated action can actually cause hair damage. UV rays from the sun, pulling a comb or brush through and styling products and tools cause hair to become weak and break or split. This is when it is necessary to trim your hair follicles, even if you are trying to grow it out.

Many people think using a pair of scissors often used for office-related projects will do.  Because of the intended usages of these non-hair scissors, they are often dull or have residue buildup on the blades. When this happens, the hair will possible be bent over the blade and broken, rather than cut sharply and evenly between the blades.  The duller the scissors, the more uneven the cut will be. Regular office scissors are also designed to cut through thicker objects such as paper and even cardboard or plastic. Hair follicles are might finer than any of these materials and require a different shape of blade in order to get a clean cut. If you are going to trim your hair yourself, getting a good sharp pair of dedicated hair scissors is highly recommended.

Dedicated hair scissors can be found at any drug store, many department stores as well as high-end hair product stores. Depending on the quality, hair scissors can range in price to a few dollars to several hundred.  A small price to pay when you consider the damage an old pair of dull scissors may inflict on your daily appearance. This regular hair maintenance is very important to keep a healthy, happy head of hair.

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