Belly Button Rings: 1953 to present

November 30th, 2010

Beach Ball Belly Button RingWhen it comes to summer, the most popular thing people think about is a bikini. This is the perfect way to show off a new body after doing crunch after crunch or running for hours on the treadmill. Not to mention, bikinis means beaches, swimming and pool parties. But one item that really ties the summer suit together is a little bling. That’s right, belly button rings are the number one way to make a bikini really pop.

This particular body jewelry is one of the most popular piercings in today’s society. Young girls love to spice up their outfits with these sparkly pieces of jewelry. The rings come in a big variety of colors, styles and types and with enough selection to wear a new one with every outfit.

Do you know where these little navel jewels got their start? Most believe that belly button rings are a relatively new trend. In fact, there is no evidence of such body jewelry prior to the invention and popularity of the bikini. It got it’s start in the early 1950s and bikini’s started out as something that was viewed as a negative showmanship of a woman’s body.  But today, almost every woman on the beach is wearing a bikini.

Although no one knows for sure when belly button rings were actually invented, they broke out into the media when a famous supermodel came onto the runway of a London Fashion show wearing a ring in her belly button. Not long after, Supermodel Naomi Campbell displayed her new fashion sense as well! She donned a golden stud navel ring and the belly button ring trend was born.

Now thousands of teenagers are getting their navels decked out with the piercings every day. The jewelry is popular in foreign countries as well as in the United States. India, especially, is known for its dangling jewels and sparkly studs. The culture dictates this as an acceptable and even promoted style so many girls wear belly button rings. In the United States girls get their navels pierced to add spark to their belly and give it a little spice. Try out this new accessory today and your belly could thank you for blinging it up!

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