Neglecting Tongue Rings is Dangerous

October 25th, 2010

You just got home from a day with the girls and you decided to get your tongue pierced. Now it’s time to face the wrath of your parents. What will they think of your new addition to your body? Will you get in trouble? All logical questions that all come with answers through experience.

Teens and adults from age 15 to 25 are among the most common people who get their bodies’ pierced.  One of the most popular kind is a tongue piercing. There are actually a variety of tongue rings to choose from if you decide to get this particular piercing.

The tongue ring was a way for you to express yourself and be unique, right? Some teens that get the piercing done live in strict homes where the parents would be furious if they found their child with a hole in their tongue. Luckily, the tongue ring is relatively easy to conceal from parents.

One of the most difficult things to get adjusted to after getting tongue rings is the way people talk. Usually, this is what parents pick up on. Some people develop temporary lisps after getting the piercing and some can’t say certain words; it’s a challenge.

Of course, parents are sometimes able to see the tongue ring or ball in your mouth. Wearing light or clear colors can help eliminate the possibility of this happening.  Keep in mind the size of the ring as well. If it looks like it’s bigger than a pea, walk away. Don’t buy anything too large if you are trying to hide the fact that you have a piercing.

The most common side effect to getting a tongue ring is simple swelling, which is what causes the speech problems. A tip to reduce this is to soak a tea bag in hot water and then sit it on top of your tongue. The hot temperature will help the tissue absorb the heat particles and will later decrease the swelling. Tricks like this will return your speech to normal in no time.

Follow these tips, and they will help you- for a while, at least- in getting rid of swelling and avoiding consequences from your parents.

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