The Essential Tools For Trimming Your Hair At Home

September 9th, 2010

Everyone can identify with this problem:  your cute bangs are too long to be cute or your broken ends are ruining your style. Or your son keeps bumping into the furniture because his hair is hanging too far into his eyes.

Ideally, you would take yourself and your son to a professional hair dresser to fix these problems, but you keep putting it off until the problem can no longer be ignored. This is when it’s important for you to take measures to make changes!  You grab your hair scissors and go after every head of hair in your household. Before you go too crazy, be sure that you’ve got the right tools for the job.

1.) Water bottle: Dry hair can prove difficult to cut evenly and cleanly. By wetting down the area that needs to be trimmed, the hair will be matted down and easier to see the line you wish to cut or trim.

2.) Professional hair scissors: Just because you use the same scissors in the kitchen as you do in the office doesn’t mean you can also use it on your kids’ heads. Investing in a quality pair of hair scissors will come in handy when your mane has grown out of control and just needs a few quick snips to bring it back into shape. These hair shears should be extremely sharp and knick-free.  Be sure to keep them in a safe dry place when not in use. You can find professional hair scissors at a variety of prices and in drug stores as well as professional hair product stores.

3.) Fine-toothed comb: To gather the hair into one area, in a smooth formation, a fine-toothed comb will do the trick.  Combs with wider gaps between the teeth will not provide as smooth of a surface in which to snip. Fine tooth combs also range in price and can be found at drugstores as well as professional hair product stores.

4.) Mirror: This may seem like a no brainer, but always cut hair in front of a large mirror, such as the mirror in your bathroom. Don’t think you’re skilled enough to do this without a mirror unless you’re professionally trained.

5.) Non-carpeted area: A non-carpeted area will be easier to sweep excess hair from, rather than dragging out your vacuum cleaner after you have finished.  Even after you have vacuumed, fine pieces of hair will cling to your rug, so it is best to cut hair on linoleum, tiled or hardwood floors.

6.) Cape or towel with clip: Like they do at the hair salon, you will want to cover yourself or your subject with a cape or a towel to keep pieces of fine hair from getting down your back an into your clothes.

There are many other products which are helpful to do-it-yourself hair cutting or trimming, but using the essentials of water bottle, hair scissors, a fine-toothed comb, mirror, a non-carpeted area and a cape/towel, your hair cutting experience will be on its way to successful.

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