Body Jewelry: Fad or Foe

September 28th, 2010

So many people today are looking for the next biggest thing: cool tattoos, trendy shoes, or hot clothes. If you were living in the ‘70’s, how many people do you think you’d see in one day that had a body piercing? Very few, but body jewelry has seen a recent, and drastic, growth in popularity.

You might be asking, “What sort of things are included in the definition of ‘body jewelry?’” This type accessory is defined as an item of jewelry usually worn on parts of the body through a piercing. Examples include earrings, belly button rings, tongue rings, or nose rings. The most popular form of body jewelry seems to be earrings but you might be surprised at how many adults/teens have other parts of their bodies “accessorized.” Some publications report that no external part of the body has gone un-pierced.  What could this mean for the future of America?

It’s safe to say that teens from age 14-20 are probably the most popular age group to receive some sort of piercing in or on their bodies. So what are the risks of body jewelry? How could wearing a simple metal ring in your nose or lip turn into a hazard? The problem with an oral piercing is that, believe it or not, there are people out there who have experienced chipping a tooth or winding up with gum damage. It is also a possibility that if these teens wear a ring in their mouth or nose, it could be swallowed accidentally but very easily.

There are dozens of things to take into consideration before deciding to pierce one’s body. Risks include bleeding, swelling, scarring and allergic reactions to the accessory.  Generally, these issues can be cared for with simple over the counter medications, but if left untreated they may eventually require surgery.

The next time you set out to get a piercing, check the facts first. Make sure that you know what the risks could include and how serious of a problem one item of body jewelry can become.

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